Two Roads

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Two Roads: Julia Seager-Scott, Baroque harp & Clarsach

This delightful inaugural solo CD by Toronto-based Julia Seager-Scott celebrates the ‘two roads’ of the Baroque triple harp and the 17th-century Scottish brass-strung clarsach. In traditional tunes from Scotland and Ireland, and arrangements of well known works by Dowland, O’Carolan, Handel and Monteverdi, Seager-Scott revels in the magical sounds, timbres and repertoires of these two extraordinary members of the harp family.

Tracks include Dowland’s Come Again and Come Away; Carolan’s Planxty Sweeny, Planxty Burke/Planxty Drew, Fanny Power, Carolan’s Receipt, Clergy’s Lamentation; Monteverdi’s Pur ti miro from Poppea; Improvisations on a Ciaccona bass line; and much more! A delight for the ears, offered with panache and affection by one of North America’s leading early harp specialists.

Enjoy a sample: Carolan’s Farewell


Price: $14 plus shipping and handling. HST added at checkout for Canadian customers.

Catalogue no. PIP 1706. Released in June 2017. Digital Street Date: October 6/17

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